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“Adopt a Granny” elderly care project

Dorcas Ukraine started its elderly care projects together with implementing partners since 2003, having already assisted the hundreds of the needy elderly people. Currently there are 822 sponsored grannies in Zaporozhye, Transcarpathia and Volyn regions.

Dorcas Ukraine cooperates closely with the governmental institutions, local NGOs, Christian churches and organizations to receive information about the needy elderly people. Such elderly people are those who were forsaken by their relatives, lonely people or those whose relatives are not able to support them due to poverty.

The purpose of such program is not only to cover their basic needs but also to create safety nets and change the attitude towards life and surrounding people from a receiver to a giver. So the program is developed in such a way that elderly people having specific gifts and talents provide the assistance to those who don’t have similar skills. For instance, a lot of elderly ladies are able to knit, so they provide socks, scarves and other things to those who need them. Others can bake or cook, do some useful crafts etc. Also those who can walk visit those who cannot walk. All these activities give elderly people new hopes and life purposes. They start to realize they are valued and needed by the others. Some program participants shared the information of the program with their friends and later those people also became part of this program.

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