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"... we were able to buy food...", "... it was like God’s respond to my prayers...”, "... we were able to purchase an electric oven for cooking..." these and many more feedbacks Dorcas social workers hear on a regular basis from the people who receive the assistance within Dorcas projects. 

Below please read the impact stories of those who were in deep need but received timely assistance:

Penkova Marina (36)

Marina arrived from Pervomaiske,
Luhansk region. Now she lives with her
husband and son in Zmiev, Kharkov region...
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Omelyannik Sergey Mykhailovitch (53)

There was an ordinary family: father,
mother, two married daughters, their
husbands and grandparents. 3 years ago
when Sergey’s daughter was pregnant
she was diagnosed with disseminated
sclerosis... (click here to read more)

Slotyk Lidia (61)

Lidia was born in 1957. Since her childhood
she used to rely only at herself. At the age of 34
she became a widow with two little boys. Her
husband died from brain attack. The older son
was 8 and the younger – 5. All hardships on
family provisions laid at her gentle
shoulders... (click here to read more)

Yuriy (40) and Svitlana (35) Kotov 

They came from the Donetsk region,
village Olenivka, Volnovakha region.
The first time they heard about the
war was on August 24, 2014... 
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Petrichenko Julia Anatolievna (31)

Officially Julia is married but when the war
conflict started her husband left her and
two kids. At that time he was a driver of Azov
(special military division). Then he moved to
Mariupol where he stays till now..... 
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Voloshina Alla Polinarievna (60)

In June 2014 her village was attacked for
the first time (Opitnoe, Yasimovata district,
Donetsk region). Alla Polinarievna used to
live there in her own house with two
granddaughters... (click here to read more)

Bashinskaya Vladislava (38)

Bashinskaya Vladislava (short name Vlada)
and her daughter Sophia (born in 2003)
lived in the village Spartak, which is
located near the Donetsk airport. In
the same village not far from
Vladislava her parents lived too...
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Tuzhikova Tatyana Vladimirovna (43)

When Tatyana heard about war conflict she
was sure it would not reach her neighborhood.
But when the shelling took place in the near
location – Uglegorsk – she packed the bags
and told her children that they were going
to the sea shore.... (click here to read more)